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Our History

It All Started with A Vision!

Since 1986, ADCO has been manufacturing high-quality gun products and accessories. Now, we have a strong, leading position in the market. But the beginning was rather simple. Our team had the vision to provide products such as Sights, Super Thumbs and others for the customers. The quality was the only agenda we had in mind to fill the gap in the market. We aimed to provide a trustable choice for the gun owners.

We enhanced our product line

As our confidence and grip in the market improved, we started working on various other products such as optics, binoculars, magazines, and multiple other accessories as well. The multi-color dot sight, different varieties of super thumbs and the accessories started winning the hearts of our customers. And that is how we gained the trust to provide different variations of different product lines.

Achieved nationwide reach

Eventually, with our constant quality approach and affordable pricing, ADCO achieved nationwide reach. Customers can now find us all over the country and leverage our products for quality performance and satisfying shooting experience.

Headed to the online world

With the rise of the digital media, we decided to make shopping much more convenient for our customers. The digital portal for ADCO was created, so that, the customers can easily understand the features, evaluate various choices and pick the right products. Plus, the portal also allowed us to reach closer to our customers and provide valuable information regarding our deals and offers.

We hope to continue making history with our gun products. 

  • adco-4x-power-scope-with-rings-416-scope

    Adco 4x Power scope with rings

    ADCO 4 Power, .75" tube scope with 3/8" groove rings included  Suited for .22 cal and air guns ...

    CODE : 416 SCOPE

  • adco-super-thumb-kit-stkit-adco-stkit

    ADCO Super Thumb Kit STKIT

    With this complete set of Super Thums, including the Juniors when it's time for going to practice pistols shooting y...


  • adco-super-thumb-juniors-jrset-stjrset

    ADCO Super Thumb Juniors JRSET

    If you have a need for both models to cover a variety of target pistols you may choose this set for the guns you now hav...


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