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What Do You Know About Speedloader?

What Do You Know About Speedloader?

You might have heard of the term speed loader for short but you must be wondering what actually a speed loader is. A speed loader is actually a device used for loading guns.


A Speedloader is a machine built to reduce the time or effort needed to reload a firearm. Speedloaders are of various types to reload revolvers.


The prime purpose of speed loaders is to load all chambers of a revolver at one time. However, speed loaders can also serve other purposes such as; loading of fixed tubular magazines of shotguns and rifles or the loading of box end drum magazines. These revolver speed loaders can also be used for revolvers that have top break cylinders or swing-out cylinders. Let's now discuss the two types of speed loaders. The revolver speed loaders and magazine speed loaders. Detailed explanation about each type is mentioned in this article. You will find all the information about both type in this blog post. Let's start with the Revolver speed loader.


Revolver Speedloaders

These speedloaders are of various types as well. The first one being the circular reloaders!


Circular Reloaders


These revolver circular speedloaders consist of a full cylinder complement of cartridges in a secure fashion. They are placed in a circular configuration to allow the cartridges to drop at the same time in the cylinder easily. A mechanism is generally provided which allows the cartridges to be released from the speedloader in case they are loaded. And then when it gets removed, the cartridges remain in that cylinder. The most common type of speedloader will always use a rotating latch. Another type slides the cartridges out an open side; and a third type has a latch that releases when pressed.


Moon clips and half-moon clips


These are the special types that are used with revolvers that chamber rimless cartridges, such as 9×19mm Parabellum or .45 ACP. Moon clips are actually full circles and consist of a lot of cartridges while half-moon clips being semicircle and consists of half a cylinder full of cartridges.


Speed strips


Bianchi International introduced a different type of speedloader for revolvers. They are intended as an alternative to loose rounds in a pocket or dump pouch, it holds six cartridges in a reusable Neoprene plastic strip. These strips generally operated by placing the cartridges one or two at a time in their respective chambers. These are very beneficial in loading guns and are of technically high quality.


Magazine loaders


Last but not the least, let's discuss about magazines loaders. To load a firearm magazine, especially one that has a large capacity and high pressure is very difficult. A lot of different devices are available to make the work easy. The devices that are made to make the task simpler are known as speed loaders. However, speed loader for 22lr magazine is commonly known as stripper clips, stripper clip guides, or spoons. These tools are very useful for loading dance revolver you can make use of any of these tools and will understand ease.

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