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Various Type Of Speed Loaders

Various Type Of Speed Loaders

Today there are different kinds of guns available in the market with specially designed bullets and good magazines. While loading a magazine for a rifle takes time but inserting a bullet into a simple revolver is much easier. Also, there are special tools available in the market which helps a lot in reducing the effort and speed that is required to load a gun.

Magazine speed loaders are special equipment which helps to lessen a lot of time and effort that is needed to load and reload guns.

So, let’s find out the various kinds of speed loader that are available in the market based on their quality, design and forms which helps in loading a revolver or a magazine for a specific rifle:


  1. Stripper clips

They are long clips and can be inserted with various other bullets. Stripper clips help to reduce the span of reloading a specific magazine. First of all, the bullets are locked into stripper clips. After that they are further inserted into magazine for instant use.


  1. Revolver speed loaders

These are traditional type of guns that include a circular internal cartridge with six holes in them for loading bullets. These types of guns do not include a magazine. Revolver speed loaders are made up of the best quality material, they are circular and are designed for instant use. As they are made in a specific way so that the bullets can be instantly loaded into a designated cartridge. Furthermore, full and half moon clips can be used as a substitute for circular speed revolvers.


  1. Magazine loaders

Magazine that are used in modern guns are helpful in firing several bullets at the same time. Therefore, magazines are used by modern guns instead of dedicated cartridges. These are also called thumb savers and speed loaders. Also, modern automatic guns use speed loaders that are inexpensive as it is made up of rubber so it helps to avoid any type of hand injury. Magazine loaders saves a lot of time and energy that goes into loading and reloading a magazine.


Now let us find the benefits of abullet loader;

  1. Improved efficiency

If you choose the right kind of loader then bullet reloading could be done smoothly. Since reloading the bullets can be a time consuming and frustrating process so finding the right loader that is designed to function properly will shorten the whole process.

  1. Saves time

As these loaders effectively loads the bullets so it saves a lot of valuable time.

  1. Reduces hand stain

Selecting the right bullet loader is easy on the hands as it reduces the weight on the hands and make it a hassle-free process. So, it helps to reduce hand stain.

  1. Long life

As various damages can be prevented by using efficient bullet loader therefore it has a long life. The damages include accidental drops, misfitting of guns and hand strains.



Therefore, there are different types of speed loaders available in the market that are specifically designed for various kinds of magazines and guns. Finally, they help to save a lot of time and effort.

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