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Top Things To Consider If You Are A First Time Gun Buyer

Top Things To Consider If You Are A First Time Gun Buyer

Guns are neutral objects. They’re neither bad nor good and it is completely up to you as to how and why you chose to use it. But if you are buying a gun, chances are that you may have felt the need for it. Some use it for personal protection, others for recreational purposes and then there are those with a sinister agenda. In any case, a gun is a mere vessel of destruction and it’s you who are liable to answer for it before the jury. In any case, a gun shouldn’t be used unless it is a last resort. With that said, here are some important things to consider if you’re planning on buying a gun.

  1. Gun Type: Guns come in various types. You can be mesmerised by the sheer range of guns that you’ll be presented with when you go out to get one. But you must consider your usage before you set out to buy one as every gun has a different way of using them in varied situations. Ask your local gunsmith or trainer to help you out if you haven’t got the slightest idea.
  2. Gun Size: This is very important. Since guns are so widely available in the U.S., you should definitely take your time to see which fits your hand ergonomically. There is no point carrying an oversized weapon of death, only to find it difficult to use when the need arises.
  3. Gun Accessories: So you’re a buying a gun, great. But if you are relatively inexperienced, simple tasks such as reloading the gun may take some getting used to. While it is good to practice, you can make your life much easier by getting some accessories for your gun like the adco super thumb magazine speed loader. Not only such an accessory helps you with loading the gun, the adco super thumb st1 is also guaranteed for a very long lifespan.
  4. Gun durability and ruggedness: Guns are solid things themselves and you’ll need a great deal of force if you were to ever break one. However, there are guns that have reliability issues and suffer from trigger failure. Brush up your information very carefully as there is a lot of general information regarding different types of gun and their reliability index. Also, while you’re at it, ask your local gun dealer if the gun would survive in extreme conditions like fire and water. You may never know, when that information becomes valuable.
  5. Price: Don’t go overboard when getting your first gun. Get something easy to use and reliable but in a price that doesn’t break your bank. Guns can get real expensive depending on the type of customisation that it can carry.


These are just a few general tips that you can follow and keep in mind before you set out to buy your gun. Keep in mind that your instructor knows best and he can teach you to use your gun properly. In any case, stay safe and avoid getting into trouble.  

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