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The Red Dot Sight: Features and Tips for choosing the best

The Red Dot Sight:  Features and Tips for choosing the best

The Red Dot Sight is a device that can be equipped with a rifle, shotgun or handgun. The red dot, however, gets illuminated with the help of a power source without which the aim at the target will not be seen. The best affordable Red Dot Sight use batteries that need to be changed from time to time, but mostly, the battery life lasts anywhere from 10,000 hours to five years. The red dot sight has its several features that should be learnt about before buying one. Some of the features include,

Dual projection

The red dot sight includes holographic and reflex sights. The sight comes from a laser diode light that is projected onto a viewer window to create a red dot that is used for aiming at the target. The reflex sights are much more common in red dot sights that are used for recreation.

Housing configuration

The kind of housing configuration used is of two types- the tube style and an open style. The tube style is the kind of housing that allows the shooter to apply filters to the lens. Open sights do not have the filters like the tube style. Instead, they have the bare basics that are required.

Battery life

The battery life is an aspect of extreme importance. Reflex sights consume much less power than holographic options. A good sight could roughly give a thousand hours of usage. Battery life can also be preserved by turning the sight off when it’s not in use. Shooting in the cold weather can take a toll on your battery to make sure always to carry a backup.

Style of the reticle

The reticle is the red dot that is used to bring the gun in line with the target. The styles of the reticle also vary, so it’s best to choose the one that makes shooting comfortable for you.

Now that you know the features of the red dot sight, the tips listed below are important for you while choosing to buy the perfect red dot sight.

Comfortable size and weight

The size of the sight should be appropriate for the gun and where it is stored. The weight of the sight also matters as it contributes to the entire weight of the gun. Also, make sure that the sight you are looking at is compatible with the gun owned by you.


The compatibility of the sight matters as not every sight will fit the gun that you own. Some sights are designed to go with certain kinds of guns, and it’s not a one size fits all kind of the affair.

Price does not always relate to quality

A higher price for your sight does not always necessarily mean good quality. Sometimes good advertising will get you into buying an expensive sight that does not have the required features, so sometimes less is more and always make sure to understand the features that you’re looking for before looking at the price.

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