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Super Thumbs, The Ultimate Tool For Fast Reloading.

Super Thumbs, The Ultimate Tool For Fast Reloading.

There were days when reloading guns seemed like a very tiresome job. Imagine the British with rifles that used Gunpowder as a detonator and you’re getting close. Now however, guns have gotten very advanced and easy to use over the years and now every citizen can legally own a gun for their own safety or for a hobby. But even though guns have gotten easier and more reliable to use, it hasn’t really made reloading times faster, well maybe a little in comparison to rifles with gunpowder but nonetheless, it is a generally tiresome process.

Which brings us neatly to a very convenient tool known as the  Adco Super Thumb ST1. As you might expect, it is a fast reloading tool for gun magazines and one of the many flooding the market. The reason I bring up this specific tool is because of its massive popularity among seasoned enthusiasts and Pro’s alike. The adco super thumb magazine speed loader not only enhances the speed of your loading times but it is also very easy and convenient to use.

While some purists may argue that using speed thumbs is taking the easy way, I don’t necessarily see a reason not to use one. You see when anyone goes to the shooting range, they generally carry a lot of ammo with them. And while it’s great to pre-load the ammunition before you arrive at the range, you can always dedicate more time to the actual sport rather than sit and keep reloading magazines after you have finished the clip. Also there are actual physical injuries associated with continuous reloading of ammo into magazines. For instance, you can get a sore thumb and a wrist ache easily if you happen to be a novice by repeatedly reloading magazines.

The way the Super Thumb works is by vertically pressurising the ammo inside the magazine via a forcing mechanism which then creates an opening at the top for the ammo to slide into the magazine. The best thing here is that since you are essentially using the entire force of your hand to shove the ammo in, the process becomes a whole lot easier and faster as well.

Super Thumbs are especiallyeffective for loading double stacked magazines that usually requires an enormous amount of force from the thumb, if you happen to be reloading it by your hand. The thing only gets worse when you reach the end of the magazine where the opposite reacting force from the double stacks of ammo is so great that even veterans struggle in a few instances, especially if you are less dexterous.


So is it worth buying the adco super thumb st1? In short, definitely, especially if you are just beginning on developing your gun skills. The speed loader works with a lot of different magazines owing to its universal nature and adco gracefully sells the st1 for an extremely reasonable price of just $10.99, which given its extensive warranty is a steal at the price point. The adco super thumb is a reliable, well-built and immensely good speed loader that doesn’t break the wallet but doesn’t let your bones break either.

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