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Super Thumbs Speed Loader Different Models Available

Super Thumbs Speed Loader Different Models Available

If you want to save your thumb and fingers when you load your pistol magazines, you must use the super thumb speed loader. Though the thrill of the sport does tell you to go without any extra appendages, one must consider the speed loader thumbs as a necessity rather than a luxury. Here is a detailed look at the models available and where they are useful.

Various models available

The ADCO super thumb magazine speed loader comes in about five or six sizes. They remain listed as ST1, ST2, ST3, Model ST Junior, and Model ST22. The Model ST22 that supports the Ruger 10/22 does not load as fast as the rest. In fact, you can load the bullets faster without the ST22. Model ST Junior supports the magazines on most of the popular .22LR pistols that include Colt, Browning, and Ruger. But, if you want the best fit for the 1911 magazines, you must use the ST3. It can handle almost all single column magazines.

That leaves us the two top models, the Model ST1 and the Model ST2. Here the best option is to go with the ST1 alone if you have a pistol that fits the ST1. But, if you have a bigger range of pistols that have wider magazines such as Glocks, you should not buy the ST1. Instead, go for the ST2 and ST3 which is a better option. The original version is the ST1 that supports most of the staggered magazines and many single column magazines as well. It also supports the 9mm and .40 caliber sizes guns that include Sigarms, Ruger, Browning, Beretta, Colt 1911, and Smith & Wesson. This model supports the most number of guns. But, for the wide magazine type of guns such as the Para and Glocks, this will not work. You can go with the ST2 if you have a Para.

Wide magazine models

The model ST2 ADCO super thumb magazine loader supports the wide double stack magazines such as the ones we find in the Glocks and Para Ordnance. You can use it with the Springfield SD and CZ magazines with ease. But, you may use the ST1 too with the last mentioned since they bear resemblance to the Beretta magazine. They cost between $6 and $7 a piece.

That said, you must have all the time in the world if you are not a sportsman. The thought of loading and firing in a hasty action and then reloading for the next round is an adrenaline pumping thought for the ardent sportsmen. You can use it for a wide range of firearms such as 9mm double stack PT111 G2 magazines, Beretta PX4 Storm, 9mm Macintosh, .38s, and more. When you have to load 12 bullets the ST speed loader does the trick quite. But, you may have to feed in the first round by hand before using the ST loader in some cases.

One would think that all the handguns would come with the speed loaders. This is especially so for those with 16 bullet capacity double stack magazine of CZ-75. Though the term speed loader may not be quite a true description, they have good functionality and that is what matters. Plus, it is cheap. 

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