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Single stack or double stack guns

Single stack or double stack guns

What’s the primary difference between single stack and double stack ammo cartridges? This is one question that gets asked a lot particularly by people, who are inexperienced with guns or want to get into the hobby of learning guns. Now single stack or double stack guns are cratered to different kinds of people and that is exactly what we will be discussing here today.

Now the core primary difference between a single stack ammo cartridge and a dual stack ammo cartridge is that a dual stack will house more ammo in the cartridge than a single stack but is usually thicker, whereas the single stack cartridges are generally have less ammo but are a lot thinner. Now there are a few things to consider here, especially the gun variations that support either single or double stack magazines. So let’s discuss them in detail:

1.Purpose for the gun: If you are a licensed professional that needs to carry a gun at all costs, a gun supporting double stack refills would be more ideal since it can carry more ammo per magazine than single stack guns. Alternatively, if you are just getting a gun for self-defense, then a single stack gun should suit you just fine because you of the overall convenience that the entire package offers. Generally single stack guns are easier to operate and load by hand than double stacks because the force required to load the clips with ammo is much lower. Whereas for double stack rounds, you might need to invest in a double stack magazine loader like the maglulalula magazine loader, because it makes loading the guns a lot more easier.

2.Gun profile: This should come as no surprise but single stack guns are much thinner in profile and are easier to carry whereas double stack guns are generally heavier and need a dedicated holster to carry around. Both of them have their uses though as single stack guns are easier to conceal in and you can get away without actually having to carry a holster whereas double stack guns are generally intended to be more visible.

3.Type of user: As we have already discussed, single stack guns offer better portability than double stack guns. But if you are thinking about using your gun on a regular basis, like in the shooting range, you’ll find that a double stack gun is much better since it offers more ammo capacity and needs reloading less frequently.

4.Budget: Depending on the model, generally single stack guns costs less as they are simpler to build. But that being said, double stack guns don’t cost that much more than a single stack because the changes inside are mostly subtle. That being said, the simpler nature of single stack guns makes them more reliable over the years and require less frequent maintenance.

In the matters of buying a gun, the type of magazine matters very less than the purpose that you intend to use the gun for. While it’s important to consider the portability factor for the gun, what’s more important to consider is what type of trigger action you want the gun to have. If you are confused, then you can always approach a good fellow gun owner and get some insight into the whole thing. 

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