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Picking a Red Dot Sight for Your Successful Hunt

Picking a Red Dot Sight for Your Successful Hunt

When you are a marksman or a rifle shooting sportsman, the choice of the rifle is paramount. It determines the level of your shooting skills and helps you save time if you choose a good gun. Along with the gun, you need a couple of other accessories. The usual choice is the AR-15 rifle.

Pick a good scope

The accuracy of the shot remains determined by the scope. If you have a good scope, every shot will remain on target and you will have a successful hunt. And yet, which one is the best among all the brands on offer? This is something you have to determine yourself but if you pick one of the leading brands such as Bushnell, NightForce, Simmons, Burris, and Redfield, you will not go wrong. There are a few arms and ammunition shops that produce delightful sights and scopes such as ADCO.

You go one better when you buy red dot sight for your gun. The red dot sight gives you an advantage over the normal scope by giving you a visual red dot so your sight becomes clearer. If you use an iron sight the percentage of hits on target is dramatically reduced. The practicality of the red dot sight is to increase the number of shots on target. You develop speed when you sight the target and so you will shoot faster.

Vary the dot size

You can use the red dot sight for hunting deer or turkey. You can also use it for target games such as sporting clays or trap skeet. The size of the dot varies according to the sight. Some sights offer adjustable sizes. A few of them have crosshairs. The only thing you have to watch for is the size of the reticle.

Among the accessories, one might not pay attention to the humble speed loader super thumbs. Yet, this helps the marksman do a good job when loading the gun. It prevents him from hurting himself and this is the best thing. Always use the super thumbs and keep your fingers safe.

Size varies much from person to person

Another thing about the dot sights is that they vary from person to person. If you look at it with one eye, they will appear one size and when you change the eye, the size will change. The outline will have different fuzziness and the variation is as much dependent on the scope as it is on the person. You need not worry too much if the red dot is not sharply defined. The only thing one needs is an affordable red dot sight with a visual definition that one likes.

You measure the size of the dot in MOA which stands for Minute of Angle. This is one inch at a hundred yards. It becomes two inches at two hundred yards and so on. Most of the red dots cover 4 MOA. This means you will see it covering 4 inches at one hundred yards. If your rifle can shoot 3-inch group at one hundred yards, you must choose the red dot that is lower than 3 inches. 

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