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Meaning of the Technicalities of Rifle Scopes and Red Dot Sights for the Marksman

Meaning of the Technicalities of Rifle Scopes and Red Dot Sights for the Marksman

For the ardent sportsman with his AR-15 rifle, there is always the need to improve with a nice scope. One may choose according to the price as Bushnell 3MOA and Burris AR332 in the top of the price range or opt for a cheap choice such as the TASCO 5 MOA. If you want to go costly, there are more options too such as the Sig Sauer Romeo5 and the Burris Fastfire II.

Choice of the red dot sight

What is it about the dot sight that thrills the sportsman? It is the way the micro red dot sight brings up the target without effort when he lifts the rifle to sight the target. And yet, there are many variations in the dot sights that make it so difficult to pick the best one.

If you are buying a scope for your rifle, you might want to know what the numbers on the scope stand for. Say you have the Sig Sauer Whiskey5 3-15x52 scope. This performs well on AR as well as hunting rifles. The numbers that matter are the 3-15x 52; the other numbers are indicative of the brand name, that is all. The 3-15 states that the magnification can go from 3 up to 15 times what you see with your eye.

More magnification helps

This kind of big magnification range helps you make plenty of adjustments when you shoot. The last number is the size of the objective lens. In this case, it is 52mm. A large objective diameter can let in more light and help you see well. But, the large diameter will interfere with the mounting position. So, you must choose with care. Also, they are expensive.

Choose from the red dot sights for sale. First, because they are cheap and help you dramatically improve the accuracy of your shoot. The red dot sights have an included red dot size of varying sizes. This dot aligns with the target. Once this happens, the shooter will pull his trigger. Many technologies go into making this happen such as fibre optics, holographic reticles, and so on. You also have different kinds of dot patterns.

Types of dots

When you choose the scope, look at the size of the dot and the shape of the pattern. If the dot is too small, it might take time for your eye to pick up the dot and hence you lose time aligning it to the target. At the other end of the scale, if the dot is too big, it can obscure the entire target at long ranges. If you need to overcome this problem, choose a large circular dot reticle with a small dot such as the Eotech reticle.

At times, you might have the tube effect for the red dot sights. You can compensate for this effect by keeping the red dot sight away from your eye or by opening both the eyes. High-end red dot sights have a minimal parallax effect, which means irrespective of where the red dot is within the viewing area, the bullet will hit the target. This helps if you are shooting from unconventional positions and you did not have the red dot in the centre of the glass.

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