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Maintaining Speed While Using Stripper Clip and Reloading Magazine

Maintaining Speed While Using Stripper Clip and Reloading Magazine

Imagine being in the middle of shooting, getting all the shots right, having the adrenaline rushing in your brain and the thrill of adventure, but all of that spoiled by the huge precious time you have to give to reloading. It has been estimated that those who go for shooting sport, spend only 30% of their time enjoying the sport and the rest is wasted in loading striper clip and reloading magazines.

How do they work?

By holding rounds of shooting together, stripper clips can be of great help if one wants to save time while shooting. 10 rounds of straight-shooting can be achieved by having a standard stripper clip; this implies that 100 rounds can be achieved if one has 10 preloaded stripper clips. Also, reloading magazine in the pistol can be tiresome at times, but with some expert know-how, one can master the level of speed loading and enjoy the sport to the fullest.

A magazine is different from a clip as it holds individual rounds and feeds those directly making use of spring tension. Magazines are mainly used in pistols and most rifles like the AR15. On the other hand, some handguns like revolvers and rifles like M-1 and Mouser use clips.

Tips for speed loading

As already talked about, if it is taking too much time to load the stripper clip or in reloading magazine, it can become tiresome and mundane. Following some simple yet intelligent tips, one can be assured of having the thrill not disrupted while shooting. Here we talk about some of them.

  • Having Bullets Inserted in the Clip:

If you are new to using clips it would be helpful if you keep the tab closed at one end and open at the other insert bullets one by one until you have done it 10 times. It would hold 10 rounds for you and you can have 10 straight shots.

  • Speed Loader:

A speed loader, or a charger or a spoon, is a special accessory that can be used for reloading magazine with the clip and thus fasten the whole process.

  • Loading the magazine with a clip:

Inserting the clip into the magazine can fasten the loading process and it actually depends now on the size of the magazine how much clips it can take. The tip here is to use a table to exert pressure for making the clip get into the magazine and thus saving your thumbs from getting sore.

Similarly, magazines can also be reloaded faster with some smart approach and presence of mind. For instance, by simply making sure that the magazines in the mag pouch are placed in the same direction, so one can ensure reloading the magazine swiftly by just quickly inserting them into the gun. Another thing to keep in mind is that empty magazines shouldn’t be placed back into the mag pouch which would result in a waste of time if they are pulled out again at the time of reloading magazine.

While it is amazing to maintain the speed while shooting, it should at no cost forsake the safety of oneself or others at the shooting area. Also, different shooters have different tendencies and hence counsel should be sought from the trainer or expert before inculcating a new practice.

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