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MaglulaSpeed Loader: Shoot Like You Mean It

MaglulaSpeed Loader: Shoot Like You Mean It

Load and reload magazines with ease using this amazing invention of magazine loader. Speedloader or magazine loaders are devices that significantly reduce the time and efforts needed to load and reload a magazine.Every device is designed in such a way to be compatible with different magazines and calibres. These loaders come in all sizes and shapes. And generally, these are designed in such a way to load all the chambers of a revolver. However, speed loaders of different designs are used to load different magazines, including.The most convenient ones are those who are small to the size of a pocket. They are travel-friendly and easy to maintain.

Some generic features of the magazine loaders

These magazine loaders are designed in such a way to be compatible with both single stack and double stack magazines.The design is safe for fingers and magazines while loading and reloading.These loaders are made with strong metals to hold the cartridge right and not fall off until released.If you want to transport your magazine unloaded, maglulaspeed loader is what you can trust. It doesn’t load magazines; it lets you unload it. It is a universal magazine loader, easy to use and works super fast. Doesn’t cause thumb injury or pain and prolongs the life of magazines. It is extremely lightweight and fits in a pocket.

Revolver speed loaders

Modern speed loaders are circular designed to hold a full cylinder of cartridges securely to allow cartridges to fall only when released. However, there are some other designs of revolver speed loaders are also available; one of them is half-moon clips. It is designed to allow the cartridge to be released from the speed loader only when loaded and otherwise it would remain in the loader and needs to be loaded again before being released.

Reloading a revolver one at a time is a very difficult process as on for today. With these modern designs, cartridges can be reloaded with ease and a good number at a time.  Before the invention of these devices, the loading ofa gun was possible only one at a time, and it was such a nuisance that people preferred buying a whole new revolver rather than reloading the same gun again and again.

Bianchi internationals introduced yet another variety of speed loaders for revolvers, known as the speed strips. These are an alternative to holding loose rounds in pockets. It can hold up to 6 rounds in a reusable strip.

Magazines are extendable weapon storage and feeding device attached to firearms. Magazines can be detachable from firearms or fixed firmly in it.Magazine reloadermoves the cartridge stored within it in such a way where it can move and be loaded by the barrel chamber through the firearm.A clip generally refers to a detachable magazine (be it technically incorrect). Magazines come in various shapes and sizes for different kinds of ammunition; there are magazines for automatic and machine guns that can hold up to 100 rounds at a time.

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