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Laser Scopes: A Good Addition

Laser Scopes: A Good Addition

When using a gun, you may feel that it lacks certain things which can help you shoot better. For any regular shooter, this can be a huge problem; so they use aids, such as sliding butts, scopes and lasers. The latter is one of the more popular and easily accessible ones. A laser or a red dot sight is a common type of non-magnifying reflector sight used in firearms and other devices which need aiming. It gives the user the aim-point in the form of a small red dot. The regular design uses a red LED as the focus of collimating optics, thus helping generate a dot style illuminated reticle. This dot stays aligned with the weapon and the sight is attached regardless of eye position, this makes it nearly parallax free. 

The idea to add a reflector sight, on firearms has been around for quite some time. It can be traced back to the very invention of the sight in the 1900s. There have been many designs, such as reflectors lit by ambient light or batteries. Their main usage was marketed towards use in firearms. But these ideas were futile and had multiple drawbacks, such as lack of ambient light at night, or the collection of light which was quite troublesome. Others such as incandescent bulbs, which would drain batteries in hours, were immediately discarded. 

It was in1975 when a Swedish optics company by the name of Aimpoint AB marketed the world’s first electrical red dot sight, which combined a reflecting curved mirror and a light-emitting diode. It was designed by an engineer called John Arne Ingemund Ekstrand. The design allowed it to be mounted on a telescopic sight. The LED could run for more than 2000 hours on a small mercury battery. Others followed suit, flooding the market with hundreds of designs. The latest designs, which use low power consuming LED and power saving electronics allowed it to run for years; without ever turning them off.

Green dot reflex sight and red dot sights are considered to be fast acquisition and are used in gun sights for target shooting, hunting, and in police and military applications. These are used worldwide and many militaries have adopted it. For recreational shooters, having this aid can help improve their aim significantly. Besides firearm applications, they can also be used on various types of cameras and telescopes. On cameras, they are used as pointers, which allow capturing photographs of flying aircraft, birds in flight, and fast-moving subjects who are at a distant position. Telescopes often come with a narrow field of view and therefore often utilize a secondary scope used for finding, such as a red dot sight.

The many applications of a sight, speaks volumes about its versatility. Adding one to your firearm can help you shoot better and also without straining your eyes too much. They are a worthy addition for any shooter who wants to see better results. The quick aiming can help take down their targets in a much easier manner as compared to a scope, without losing the accuracy.

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