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How to Load Your Magazines Reloader with Ease

How to Load Your Magazines Reloader with Ease

It is very difficult to out the cartridge in a magazine. A magazine is very different from the clip. A magazine has a hold of time with individual rounds and using spring tensions it is fed in. Whereas a clip holds several rounds together which are fed in the riffle manually magazines are used in pistols and clips are used mainly in rifles. There are even certain rifles such as AR15 which uses the magazine.

Due to the complexity of loading a magazine, several different magazine loaders such as Maglula speed loader is being launched in the market to make magazine loading easy and fast. As the name says speed loader, the magazines are loaded very quickly using these pocket-sizemagazine loaders.

The procedure of loading a magazine

  • Make sure that you have the correct ammunition. There are times when you load wrong ammo in the magazine. After loading correct ammo, identify the front side of the magazine.  The feed lips are the one that indicates you the rear of the magazine.
  • Hold the round in line when you are loading the first round. Press the rear on the follower of the magazine. Press it hard until the cartilage slides inside the magazine. Pushing with your thumb use the back of the other cartilage to push the first cartilage down in the magazine. As the round depresses inside the magazine completely seat it by sliding it into the rear.
  • As the magazine is filled the spring goes down and it becomes tough to add more. A new spring of the magazine is often very hard and stiff mainly in the small guns. Over time the spring breaks down and your hands also become strong and you get used to it.
  • If you have an injury or other problems there are many devices that can help in loading magazines with ease. If you are loading more than a thousand rounds, a magazine reloader can be helpful in saving your thumbs from getting blisters.

How many rounds can be filled?

People should always fill the magazine to its capacity. Though people say that it can cause a problem with the feeding but it generally doesn’t happen. If you experience such a problem any day then it means that the magazine has some problem, not the feeding. Some magazines are provided with holes at the back that helps you to see how many rounds are filled inside the magazine.

How to insert

Always hold the hand in the dominant hand of yours. Point the gun in the safe direction and rotate the gun in your palm and in a safe direction facing up. Insert the magazine until it is deeply seated. You may hear a click when it is done. Don’t get scared to exert pressure while doing it, don’t worry it will not break your pistol. Provide sufficient pressure on the gun and make sure that it is deeply seated.

This way you can load a magazine reloader. If you still find it difficult doing manually you can always use devices to load the magazine properly.

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