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How to Buy the Best Rifle Scope

How to Buy the Best Rifle Scope

Since the invention of rifling, metallic sights have been an important part of rifles, and still, very few factory rifles armed with iron sights are seen. The modern riflescope is an exceptional addition to almost any rifle eitherit is for a seasonal hunting tool or paper-puncher or a military weapon.Shooting scopes helps a personnot only toview targets more clearly but also aim at them more precisely.

Here are few things to be taken care of while buying a riflescope.

Magnification power

Optimal magnification for a given task isindividualistic, lower magnifications such as 6x or 4x will permit for faster shooting. Higher magnification scopes like 16x and beyond that permithigh resolution are heavier.

Objective lens

A large objective lens with high magnification ranges shows a brighter image. At high magnification like 12x and above,one can observe the difference perfectly between a 40mm and 50mm objective.


There are three versions of reticles, the duplex reticle,which has a thin center crosshair that becomes thicker at the scope’s outer area. The mildotreticle has few more enhancements. BDC Reticle where BDC is an acronym of “bullet drop compensator,” and currently, BDC reticles are widely popular. A BDC reticle helps for an accurate shooting over various target ranges. This is achieved by having many aiming points integrated into the reticle pattern.


MOA is highly common and means “Minute of Angle,” and while technically, this signifies 1/60th of an angular degree.It is generallylinked with linear inches; this is because 1 MOA very closely means 1 inch at a distance of 100 yards. MRAD is a short form for milliradian and is also abridged as mil or mils. Likewise, MOA, a milliradian signifies a fractional section of an angle; over here, it is 1/1,000th of a radian. 1 milliradian comes out to be about 3.6 inches at 100 yards. It is due to the reticle in milliradian scopes is fundamentally used like a ruler. The fascination is that the process works the same way regardless of the range.

Focal Plane

Also, modern scopes offer the choice of two distinctspots for the reticle inside the scope. These places are known as the first focal plane (FFP) and the second focal plane(SFP). In SFP reticles, thelevel of magnification of the scope is altered, but the reticle remains of same size relatively to the overall size of image. This is helpful as it offers a clear and constant sight image at every level of magnification.


When the reticle seems to change position relatively to the object when the head is moved a little, it is parallax in riflescopes. Lower optics won’tcorrect the parallax, but higher magnification scopes such as 12x and beyond are provided with a parallax correction knob. 

Paying Out

Good riflescopes can cost $3,000 or even more, but it’s worth it, as it gives more adjustment precision, repeatability, clarity, and durability. Higher priced models can offer better light transmission by 3% and repeatable adjustments by 5%. Rifles are mostly caught up by their optics that’s why one needs to find his requirements.

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