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How Does A Bullet Loader Help In Reloading A Fire Arm?

How Does A Bullet Loader Help In Reloading A Fire Arm?

A speed loader is a device or a kind of a bullet loader that is used while reloading a firearm like a pistol. It reduces the effort and time that is needed to reload the bullets. Speed loaders are available of two major types, detachable and fixed. They are called speed loaders as they are capable of loading all the 6 chambers of a gun in a single effort. This is why they are usually used by policemen in times of emergencies.

What are the different types of speed loaders and how do they function?

There are different types of speed loaders available depending on the types of gun that they are being used to reload. The different types of bullet loaders can be found listed below:

  • Circular revolver speed loader: This is a modern device which has made the task of loading the bullets in a revolver very easy. It has a fully loaded circular cartridge already attached inside it in a very secure format.  The circular design is mimicked in order to; very smoothly and effortlessly slide the bullets inside the actual pistol barrel. It is made in such a way that when the cartridge is inserted in the barrel, it pushes the bullets and when it is removed the bullets are left behind in the barrel, each in one slot. These speed loaders can also be used in reloading magazines or rifles, shotguns and other drum-type magazines.
  • Magazine loaders: These are the types of bullet loaders which are used when the number of bullets is extremely large. The firearm magazines take much more time, effort and pressure to fill in the bullets. Its working mechanism is that it allows the next bullet to be slightly loaded and prepared but does not put pressure on it. And as the first bullet is released, the next bullet takes is the position, ready to be fired. These are usually used in larger firearms such as machine guns.

What are the other benefits of using speed loaders?    

One of the most apparent and useful benefits of speed loaders is that they act as a compact container for all your bullets. Storing bullets in the bullet box or in any other container or pouch is not the most convenient way of keeping them or travelling with them. It is possible that you might lose the bullets or they might fall off in a hurry. However, if you carry your bullets in the speed loaders then they will remain safe, will not fall off or wander about in any container. And whenever you will be in the need to reload a bullet, all you have to do is take them out and insert them in the barrel of your gun and your gun will be reloaded effortlessly in no time.

So, from the above information, you can easily understand the function and use of a speed loader and how it reduces the time and effort of loading firearms.

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