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Great Improvements in Shooting Accessories Red Dot Sights

Great Improvements in Shooting Accessories Red Dot Sights

ADCO has been a name associated with Red Dot Sights, (not to be confused with laser sights) since 1986. For the first few years ADCO developed various models of red-dot sight but soon red-dot was not going to be descriptive enough. Shortly thereafter Al DePaoli presented the first patent #5,205,044 for the presentation of a multi color dot sight that have come to be known as reflex sight. Reflex sight better explained the reactionary way such sight systems were used.

The reflex sight is simply a heads up display inside a tube that reflects back to the shooter a dot or other image. Unlike cross hair type scopes, this display has no requirement for your head to be in a perfect place to be on target.  After the sight is zeroed in much like a scope would be, all the shooter needs to do is see the dot on the target while looking though they sight and an accurate hit can be made. This is often called parallax. The further away from the middle you go there can be a small variation. But for practical purposes there is virtually no parallax in reflex sight shooting.   

One of the most commonly used sights for a firearm is the red dot. This helps improve the aim during shooting by providing the user with a red dot. This is essentially a non-magnifying reflector sight that uses a red light emitting diode.

Working principle of the red dot sight

The red LED is at the center of the collimating optics so that it lies on the plane of the tilted mirror used to reflect the light coming from the target. These are fast acquisition and relatively easy to use sights. However, what the shooting enthusiasts prefer are the red dot sights with magnification because this gives an added advantage of magnification to the red dot.

Shooting is a sport where accuracy is everything. If you lose the accuracy, then you might as well sit at home. To improve the accuracy, a variety of tools are used. The red dot is one such. With the use of the red dot, you get improved accuracy that enhances the success rate by as much as 320% as compared to shooting without the red dot sight or using a plain rifle sight.

Red dot in center of sight screen

The inclined mirror produces an image in the center of the target that shows up at infinity. Since there is no magnification, the red dot will remain the same size. When the range of the shot increases beyond a specific distance, this red dot becomes difficult to see. In such instances, you need to have a magnification so that you can view the red dot and match the target immediately.

Use of green dot

There are varying views on the use of a green dot as opposed to the red dot. The color does play a significant role because most of the objects in the shooting zone are green. So, in the daylight, green might show up clearly when the light is bright. But, in low light conditions, it is difficult to see the green color.

Many shooting enthusiasts prefer the green dot reflex sight due to this reason. But, in the low light conditions and during the night, the red dot shows up more clearly. For those who shoot at night, the red dot sight remains the preferred sight. The red dot with magnification offers better accuracy and a higher success rate.

High-quality red dot with magnification

If you buy a top-end red dot sight, it comes with innovative features. For instance, say you go for the holographic sight. This does not use the reflected reticle system. Instead, it uses a recording of a representative reticle that is projected into the 3D spaceusing holographic film that is present as part of the optical viewing window. It is like the reflector sight in the way it uses collimated light. This allows the aim point to move around with the eye. The compensation occurs in the form of the moving image that is set at infinity (100 yards).

The parallax error due to the eye movement is equal to the size of the optical window at close range and reduces to zero as the distance approaches infinity. Naturally, holographic projections need lasers because they have more power as compared to LED electronic sighting.

This is precisely why pistol target shooter and now even tactical shooters are taking advantage of the benefits reflex sight have in acquiring targets fast and accurately.

When you choose the ADCO brand of dot sights and optics you’re dealing with years of experience and service to the shooting community.

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