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At last ADCO has brought us a pistol magazine loader that even a liberal with a pistol can embrace. “Free Range Super Thumbs” (sm) that can be made available at any Super Thumb stocking shooting range. It is so simple. If a shooting range who stock ADCO Super Thumbs is having any sort of shooting course for pistols and advertises it, they simply include in the ads they already are placing that a ADCO Super Thumbs magazine loader of their student’s choice, is going to be provided from ADCO. It’s a $10.95 value. It can be print, radio, TV; whatever. The ad of course should be focused on the class they are giving. All we need is a clear mention. Then all the range must provide a few details about the enrolled students who are taking the course. Basically info on what pistol they prefer using. A week before the class, ADCO will provide the range with all of the ADCO Super Thumbs that their student’s choose sent to the range by Priority Mail. Ranges can contact ADCO at 1-781-935- 1799 or 1-800-775-3687 or contact ADCO by email to Check out our website at

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