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Evolution of the Super Thumbs Versatility and Utility

Evolution of the Super Thumbs Versatility and Utility

For those who love the sport of shooting, the presence of a good scope and a gun is enough to make their day. They like the test of keeping on target and the excitement of a challenging shoot. We have yet some others who go the extra step because they have plenty of shooting to do.

Enter the Super Thumb

It is for these people we have the super thumb. The speed loader is a versatile worker, meticulous in loading the guns and rifles with accuracy and smoothness until the marksman is ready for his or her next foray into the challenge of the shoot. The ADCO super thumb magazine speed loader is one of the best that there is.

Super thumbs are a new addition with many of the brands hitting the scene in the late 1980s. At the beginning, there was only the ST1 a versatile device that catered to everything including the 9 mm magazines that came with the new staggered design. This was for the Berretta 92 introduced in the U.S. Arsenal. The ST1 could accommodate all Colt magazines of the Government Model because they had rails inside the tool. Though this was the only one around at the time, there were many new imitators springing up all around. These newcomers made some necessary changes to circumvent the patent laws.

New models enter the scene

Following the story of the evolution of the Super Thumbs, the investments continued as the wide magazines were now the in-thing. We had staggered versions of everything, even the Colt Government models. This is when the ST2 came out. ST1 covered most of the single stack magazines but there were a few that needed a new model. This then became ST3 but then there was a demand for the 10/22s and there were so many of them out there. This was the birth of the ST22 for the pistol magazine line. This became the ST4. One of the best models around is the ADCO super thumb magazine loader.

Super Thumb for target pistols

This brought up the target pistol shooters. The most popular target models at that time were the Walther GSP target model, S&W 41 models, and the Ruger target models. You could use the Ruger model with most of the older variants such as Browning Buckmark, High Standard, Match Models, and Colt Huntsman. The target pistol sector remained satisfied by just two models, STSW and STJR. And though people have been asking for two decades for something to go with the .380 caliber mags, they did nothing about it because there lingered a suspicion whether people will buy and use them.

This remained the scene until recently when quite a few of them such as the Sig, Ruger, S&W, and Bersa came out with the 9MM Kurtz, .380 ACP models. Now the debate was on about whether to go with the flat magazine or get in with the staggered .380s like the Browning, Bersa, and Berretta.

The reason for the longevity of the Super Thumbs is the way a few adapted to the situation and made item wise magazine loaders. For instance, there was the ST5 for the staggered .380s. 

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