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Different Type Of Speed Loaders

Different Type Of Speed Loaders

One can find different types of guns in the market with dedicated magazines and special design of bullets. Inserting a bullet into a simple revolver is easier as compared to loading a magazine for a rifle. There are special tools available in the market which can help in reducing the time as well as the effort which an individual had to spend for loading a gun. Speed loaders like a 223 magazine loader are special equipment which are used to reduce the time and effort associated with the loading and reloading a gun. 

Speed loaders of various design, quality, and forms are available which can help in loading a revolver or a magazine for a rifle. Different types of speed loaders that one can find in the market are listed below differentiated based on their design as well as the type of gun for which they are used.

• Revolver speed loaders:

Revolvers our traditional type of guns which do not include a magazine but a circular internal cartridge with six holes for loading bullets. Dedicated circular speed loaders are available which can help to introduce the time and effort associated with loading a revolver. Made up of the best quality material, Revolver speed loaders are circular and can be easily attached to the bullets for immediate use. These are designed in such a way that the bullets can be immediately inserted into a designated cartridge for loading purposes. An individual can immediately load a revolver by using such a circular speed loader. These are inserted into the holes of a cartridge and turned one or the other side for release an immediate use. One can even find full and half-moon clips which can be used as a substitution for circular speed revolvers.


• Magazine loaders:

Modern guns use magazines instead of dedicated cartridges that can help in firing numerous bullets at the same time. Termed as speeds loaders or thumb savers, these can be used for loading and reloading a magazine which ultimately can be used for operating a firearm. Modern automatic rifles and guns with magazines can use such speed loaders which can help in reducing the effort of loading and reloading a magazine. One can find inexpensive speed loader made up of rubber which can allow individuals to save the hands of an individual from any kind of injury when used for loading a magazine for a gun.


• Stripper clips:

These are special tools that can further reduce the time of reloading a particular magazine. These are long clips that can be inserted with numerous bullets for faster loading of a magazine. Bullets are bolted into stripper clips which are then further inserted into magazines for immediate use.


There are various types of speed loaders available in the market which can be used for different types of guns and magazines. One can even find a universal speed loader that can be used for loading magazines of different guns with the different build quality and design. A magazine speed loademade up of a durable material like metal can last longer but rubber loaders are cheaper alternatives that can be chosen according to personal preferences.

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