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Did you know these facts about gun loading tools?

Did you know these facts about gun loading tools?

Guns can be reloaded manually by feeding each bullet into the cartridge, but that can be a nuisance and could take a long time in a lot of cases. Sometimes a reduction in reload time could mean the difference between life and death. A magazine loader is a device that helps automate the process of loading guns so that it can be done easily, more quickly. Most of the popular handguns have magazine loaders. They work by sliding over the magazine and allowing for a protrusion to force top rounds to the bottom. This way, the succeeding round can be inserted without using the next round to push it down, and under the lips.

These devices have existed from a long time back and have had many changes in their design to optimise performance. The P-08 Luger was one of the first loaders that were just slipped over a follower button, making loading much easier. The perpendicular part of the tool was easily storable in the gun holster so it could be used any and everywhere the gun went.

The World War 2 saw many new military technologies bloom with countries spending millions of dollars on research and development on weapons to ensure they had the edge over others. One of these developments was the magazine loaders, deployed in bulk to a majority of sub-calibre machines in the US. Some guns like the various Thompson models were exempted, however. This was thanks to the use of a double stack magazine loader built for it, owing to the fact that it had its own double stack feeding. Some single stack M-3, M50 Reising have a notorious reputation of being exceptionally difficult to load without a tool and so an operator would have to always carry the loading tool with them.

The legendary M-1 carbine has to be discussed as well since this weapon had a large number of takers for its lethality and precision. It was sold with bandoliers, which is nothing but a belt that could be slung over someone’s shoulders, carrying ammunition and other loads. A loading tool was also provided with this arrangement that could be slid over the rear of the magazine. A stripper clip would then be inserted and then, with a single motion, 10 rounds can be loaded in, fast.

To find a loading tool for your specific gun or any other part for that matter, internet forums could have helpful discussions that could enable one to make informative decisions on where and what parts of guns could be purchased. User reviews can also guide one to ensure they get their money’s worth. Having numerous companies making these tools just means that there is competition in the market and these forums would act as a catalyst, ensuring that only the poor-quality parts die out fast. Gun shops can also be a great place to check out and see what new parts are available, and sometimes the gun shop owner’s personal choices can be a great way to gauge how good of a deal you are getting.

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