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Best Speed Loader: Know All About It

Best Speed Loader: Know All About It

An engaging time at the shooting range can be easily marred by the excruciating pain of constantly loading rounds inside a magazine with the help of mere hands. The sore the hands, the less is the frequency of the loading. That is when a speed loader comes to your rescue.

What is Speed Loader?

A speed loader is a way to reduce the efforts invested in reloading a firearm. Whether it is a revolver or a rifle or shotgun, speed loaders are used to load various sections of a revolver. The first speed loader was invented way back in 1879.

Types of Speed Loaders:

  • Circular loaders: The circular speed loader has a full store of cartridges in a designated fashion. The cartridges are dropped into the circular arrangement of cylinders which are placed in a secure manner. Once the revolver is loaded, a mechanism allows the speed loader to release cartridges, in order to ensure that the cartridges are properly housed inside the cylinder.
  • Moon Clips: Revolvers that have cartridges having no rim work with these moon clip speed loaders. These cartridges are mostly used by dual action revolvers. The shape of moon clips is circular used to hold a complete cartridge circle while half-moon clips are semi-circular holding half-circles.
  • Speed Strips: This is another form of speed loaders used in revolvers. There is a plastic strip made of neoprene that is used to hold six cartridges. It is reusable.

What makes a Speed Loader ‘the best’?

Let us ponder upon what makes a speed loader, the best speed loader:

  • It is a universal loader i.e. it can work on all types of revolvers, bullets, and rifles.
  • The pistol loading mechanism is expedited and made easy.
  • The whole magazine filling procedure is as easy as snapping fingers.
  • It is supported and workable in both double and single stack pistols.
  • Spare ammunition are provided in a concealed manner.
  • Easy to fit, easy to carry.
  • Loading is absolutely grope-free.
  • The materials of construction are strong, sturdy and resistant to outward effects.
  • Even while you are wearing gloves, you can easily load and unload.
  • Instant loading of cartridges into revolver is made feasible.           

Evaluating Speed Loaders:

Having a self ammunition kit and familiarizing oneself with the core of these loading and unloading processes can lead one to gain an upper hand in using speed and bullet loader. The best speed loaders are the ones that are compatible with an ammunition kit of both 22 and 30 calibers. The number of accessories that are put inside an ammunition box must be reduced to the least possible value as it tends to overwhelm the users. Materials such as cast aluminium and iron should be utilized to construct these speed loaders in order to retain its longevity. Speed loaders should invariably be kept clean from the dirt arising due to dirt, dyes, and powders that might deface them.

A little prior know-how of these speed loaders before putting them to use will put you in a better situation and you can make your bullet loading and shoot easier and trouble-free.

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