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Beginners Guide on How to Use a Speed Loader Revolver

Beginners Guide on How to Use a Speed Loader Revolver

Ok! So, guns are not an alien term for any of you. Shooting is, in fact, an Olympic competition. Speed loaders are an important asset in overall revolver and gun set.

If you think it’s something new, then you are probably very wrong. Speed loaders have been in use for decades, even when guns were invented. With time innumerable advancements in the weapon sector brought a lot of options of speed loaders in front of the mass.

You must have imagined yourself looking at a circular latched loader as generally shown in movies. But no, the limitations are no more a problem. The only basic problem is in practicing how to use a speed loader and which one to use initially.

So, since shooting is an art that requires a lot of practice for many reasons. The guns are heavy and they are very heavy to even lift. Therefore, you need to follow certain principles and guidelines to smooth the working of the weapon.

All you need to know about speed loaders in simple terms:

Speed loaders are a device that is used to fill your gun with bullets. They have evolved with time and travel. Guns take time to be reloaded; therefore some speed loaders help in fast filling of them.

Multiple loaders are there as such but primarily the three types of speed loaders:

  • The rubber ring.
  • Circular latched holes
  • Press-release styles

Guide to using a different type of speed loaders:

  • The Rubber ring

Well, we start with the simplest one. As the name suggests the material of the loader is made up of rubber in a ring shape.

On the notched sleeves of these rubber rings, the rim of the cartridges is put into. It also has holes for the outlet of the cartridges into the gun facing one direction. You are then supposed to put the rounds in the pistol that could fit properly. Then slowly slide your speed loader out.

Well, maybe this bullet loader sounds quite tedious and slow, it’s not.


  • Circular latched ones

This circular speed loader is the most famous one. This is the one you generally encounter in movies and showcases. You can imagine a circular piece of metal where holes exist to fit in the cartridges inside.

They are very technical mechanical to use. These have rotating knobs that enable you to fill the latched holes of the gun. Rotate on any side to open it for new rounds in your pistol and rotate the other way to close it.


  • Press-release styles

Well, this works the same as the circular one. It's very technical and mechanical as well. A press speed loader has a pressing button available to plunge the bullets inside the pistol and when you release the button speed loader comes out.


The rubber made speed bullet loader is the cheapest of all. This is not the only restricted categories of speed loaders. Multiple companies make these for different bullet sizes and guns.

Guns are not a toy to play with. They are mostly a safety measure. Hence, to buy a gun means buying a speed loader as well. Therefore, keep yourself updated with this information as such.

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