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ADCO has been a name associated with Red Dot Sights, (not to be confused with laser sights) since 1986. For the first few years ADCO developed various models of red-dot sight but soon red-dot was not going to be descriptive enough. Shortly thereafter Al DePaoli presented the first patent #5,205,044 for the presentation of a multi color dot sight that have come to be known as reflex sight. Reflex sight better explained the reactionary way such sight systems were used.

The reflex sight is simply a heads up display inside a tube that reflects back to the shooter a dot or other image. Unlike cross hair type scopes, this display has no requirement for your head to be in a perfect place to be on target.  After the sight is zeroed in much like a scope would be, all the shooter needs to do is see the dot on the target while looking though they sight and an accurate hit can be made. This is often called parallax. The further away from the middle you go there can be a small variation. But for practical purposes there is virtually no parallax in reflex sight shooting.   

This is precisely why pistol target shooter and now even tactical shooters are taking advantage of the benefits reflex sight have in acquiring targets fast and accurately.

When you choose the ADCO brand of dot sights and optics you’re dealing with years of experience and service to the shooting community.

  • adco-4x-power-scope-with-rings-416-scope

    Adco 4x Power scope with rings

    ADCO 4 Power, .75" tube scope with 3/8" groove rings included  Suited for .22 cal and air guns ...

    CODE : 416 SCOPE

  • adco-super-thumb-kit-stkit-adco-stkit

    ADCO Super Thumb Kit STKIT

    With this complete set of Super Thums, including the Juniors when it's time for going to practice pistols shooting y...


  • adco-super-thumb-juniors-jrset-stjrset

    ADCO Super Thumb Juniors JRSET

    If you have a need for both models to cover a variety of target pistols you may choose this set for the guns you now hav...


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